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Microsoft Project Essentials
Overview This course covers the critical knowledge and skills a project manager needs to create a project plan with Project during the planning phase of a project. In other words, if your supervisor assigns you to lead a project, this course will enable you to draft a project plan with Project and share it with your supervisor (and others) for review and approval.This course was designed for Alumni of JK MichaelsIn addition, this course covers the Basic knowledge and skills a project manager needs to update a project plan in Project during the execution, monitoring, and controlling phases of a project. In other words, once your project plan is approved by the project sponsor, this course will enable you to manage the project so that it is completed on time, within budget, and according to scope.
Audience This course is designed for a person with an understanding of project management concepts and who is responsible for creating and maintaining project plans. The course will give the student a fundamental understanding of Microsoft Project 2016 necessary to create and save project plans.
Prerequisites To ensure your success in this course, we recommend you have some working knowledge of your computers operating system, Microsoft Office and some background in fundamental Project Management.
Course Objectives You will: Identify project management concepts and navigate the Project 2016 environment. Create and define a new project plan. Create and organize tasks. Manage resources in a project plan. Finalize a project plan. Update a project plan to reflect progress as you execute the project. Monitor project progress in the project plan. Adjust the project plan to control constraints. Create project reports to share a project’s status. Customize project settings and share customizations with other projects.
Course Outline
Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Project Topic A: Identify Project Management Concepts Topic B: Navigate the Microsoft Project 2016 Environment
Lesson 2: Defining a Project Topic A: Create a New Project Plan Topic B: Define a Project Topic C: Assign a Project CalendarLesson 3: Creating and Organizing Tasks Topic A: Add Tasks to a Project Plan Topic B: Import Tasks From Other Programs Topic C: Create a Work Breakdown Structure Topic D: Define Task Relationships Topic E: Schedule TasksLesson 4: Managing Project Plan Resources Topic A: Add Resources to a Project Plan Topic B: Create a Resource Calendar Topic C: Enter Costs for Resources Topic D: Assign Resources to Tasks Topic E: Resolve Resource ConflictsLesson 5: Finalizing a Project Plan Topic A: Optimize a Project Plan Topic B: Set a Baseline Topic C: Share a Project Plan
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